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Just Jen


I have always wanted to be on air, having fun playing music, and hanging out with musicians! I had attended CSB not once, but twice!  I first went when I was a senior in high school.  I then interned at WCCC and eventually moved south to further my education. Soon, life took me on alternate paths and I experienced many jobs, working as a restaurant manager, a landscaper, a blackjack dealer, a customer service rep, and stumbled upon massage school and have been an LMT for almost ten years.  Back in 2013, I had started to feel the pull from the radio/TV world.  I went back to CSB, they welcomed me with open arms! Upon finishing I went to WCCC to intern yet again.  Then…they sold the station and my dreams were crushed again.  I wouldn’t give up, and I kept hoping that someone would open a station here in Bristol. I bet you can imagine how PUMPED I was to see that there actually was someone opening a station, HERE IN THE HEART OF BRISTOL! So here I am now, hoping to finally fulfill one of my childhood dreams! Thank you Bristol!

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