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J. Petty

JPettyPetty grew up in Pawtucket, RI where he did very little publicly and creatively, mostly due to extreme shyness.  It wasn’t until after graduating from Bryant College (now Bryant University) that he discovered a love for theater and radio.  He has been actively involved acting and directing in Community Theater for the last 25 years.  In the 90’s, when he was still a fairly young buck, he started contributing comedy material to The Mike Butts in Morning show on 92 PRO FM in Providence.  He even got paid for some of it. He also volunteered at an oldies station, 98.9 Double X in Webster, MA, where he assisted with promotions and some writing.  He has only been in Bristol for two years and the opportunity to be a disc jockey for a station that serves the community was a dream come true. He can be heard on Saturday mornings from 6am to Noon on The Beat, where he hosts The Petty Party.  He finds himself extremely amusing and hopes you will too.

John lives in Bristol with his beautiful wife Cheryl, and their four children, Sarah, Jake, Ariana and Serena.  He has another job too but secretly loves this one better.

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