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Curtis in the Morning


“When asked about his past our morning show host, Curtis has claimed to have ruled Ecuador from 1997 – 2006 however records show he was never in Ecuador, in his response he was quoted as saying “As ruler I can change the records” perhaps that’s why he became a disk jockey, because he could change the records.  Sadly, there are no records to change at The BEAT.  Our music is on hard drives, as is the custom today. But Some people say he has worked at ESPN, WCCC… The Rock and even at 105.9 WHCN.  But those People also claim that our tame morning host taught Nicholas Cage how to deliver each movie line with either a whisper or a scream.  And that he hung out with Justin Bieber as the voice of reason. All we really know is he calls himself Curtis and that he considers the morning program his most significant contribution to mankind since he freed Belgium…..(which obviously he didn’t do)

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